Cashless Tipping

The local service and people discovery app that offers free card payments

We’d like to introduce you to Tiipr — the newest app created by E-Man Venture Labs, it’s now available to download for free.

So what does it do? It combines two things: it offers a unique, location-aware platform which lets you send and receive free card payments directly into your bank account, with no need for a card reader. And it’s a marketplace which lets you discover and rate local services — anyone, whether a sole trader, an individual or a local business can sign up, for free.

Tiipr’s unique attributes mean that, for example, you can send a tip (hence its name) directly to anyone who has signed up, without being charged a penny. You can even use Tiipr to send or receive money to or from friends and relatives.

Wherever you are in the country, you can search Tiipr for whatever nearby service you might need, be that a plumber, hairdresser or specific type of shop or service. Whatever you need, you can ask Tiipr’s community for help with locating it. Tiipr is perfect for skilled individuals who operate as sole traders.

And Tiipr even lets you earn easy money: any friend you persuade to sign up to the app who syncs their bank account will earn you and them £1. So spread the word and get all your friends to sign up.


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